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By and large, the 2nd Armada's diplomatic mission to India failed, and provoked the opening of hostilities between the Kingdom of Portugal and the feudal city-state of Calicut, ruled by Zamorins. Nonetheless, it managed to establish a factory in the nearby Kingdom of Cochin, the first Portuguese factory in Asia. Ebooks and Manuals

Fleet The first India Armada, commanded by Vasco da Gama, arrived in Portugal in the summer of , in a rather sorry shape. Battles, disease and storms had taken their toll—half of his ships and men had been lost. Although he came back with a hefty cargo of spices that would be sold at an enormous profit, Vasco da Gama had failed in the principal objective of his mission—negotiating a treaty with Zamorin's Calicut, the spice entrepot on the Mal. This literature-related list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. This is a list of some of the most important writers from Latin America, organized by cultural region and nationality.

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The focus is on Latin American literature. He was Senator for the Province of Santiago, and also the President of the Senate of the Dominican Republic three times: —, —, Viriato Fiallo emerged as a great leader in the fall of tyranny when he played the anti-Trujillo feelings and was exalted by their struggles and pristine behavior. He was a doctor in the mills of the Vicini family and was chairing the Dominican-German Committee. Fiallo was jailed several times for being an outspoken opponent of the regime of Trujillo, following the death of dictator he founded the National Civic Union UCN , as a n.

This is a list of notable poets who have written in the Spanish language. She and her husband were the ancestors of Argentine politicians and military, among them Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear, President of the Argentine Republic between and Margarida and her husband, s. Antonio Cabral Bejarano 31 October — 1 August was a Spanish painter, considered to be an adherent of both the Europe-wide Romantic painting and the specifically Hispanic painting school of Costumbrismo. His ancestors for several earlier generations were painters, and he was initially trained by his father.

Pedro Brache Agroempresario del año

He was mainly active in his native city of Seville, getting many commissions from its municipal government. Biography He was born in Seville.

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His great-grandfather was the painter Diego Bejarano. He had a daughter named Maria Bejarano, who married Pedro Cabral. Ebooks and Manuals

From this marriage was born the painter Joaquin Cabral Bejarano, a well-known painter of neoclassic style. It was of this marriage that Antonio Cabral Bejarano was born in Boricua's Bond is a American drama film written and directed by Val Lik. A corrupt cop hits on Allen's mother and, when she rebuffs him, he seeks revenge.

Forces beyond Allen and Tommy's control put them in the hands of the criminal justice system and make things even more difficult for the dreams of the young men. Antonio Cabral de Melo c. Manuel Bueno Cabral born 5 February is a Spanish retired professional footballer who played as a forward.

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Is this resistance invigorated with a political consciousness and direction, or is it the case that his characters labor under a neurotic socio-historical compulsion to re-enact patterns of behavior from their initial places of departure? Tourism boomed and became the most important source of foreign income. The one who returns has the power of challenging the implicit cultural and political tenets to which the Dominican nation and its enclaves in the diaspora conform. After being ruled out as a suspect, Kit begins investigating the murder. He meets Vee, who constantly searches for money. Cuadernos de cultura latinoamericana; ub a.

In , the year-old signed with Real Madrid, where he would remain for the following 11 campaigns. He left in the summer with competitive totals of matches and 27 goals,[2] retiring from the professionals at the end of —73 after two years — one spent in each major level — with Sevilla FC. He served as president of the Dominican Republic from April 29, to October 5, Espaillat Province is named after him.

He was described by his contemporaries as a tall, pale-complexioned, blue-eyed, dark blond-haired man. In his early childhood and adolescence he received lessons in English. He was considered until his death a perennial competitor for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Melo Neto's works are characterized by a staunch formal righteousness that was present in several layers of his poems, something that distinguishes his oeuvre from that of any other Brazilian poet.

His style ranges from the surrealist tendency that marked his early poetry to the use of regional elements of his native northeastern Brazil, including the traditional form of the cordel. In Morte e Vida Severina, the only of his works that have come to be widely read by the general public, both these later aspects are found through Melo Neto's addressing the culture and the harshness.

He then studied composition at the Catholic Argentine University. In he obtained his diploma in lute performance from the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis under the tutelage of Hopkinson Smith. He has also performed as a basso continuo player, as a member of such ensembles as Elyma, Hesperion XX. Dominican Republic literature has a long and interesting history.

This is a partial listing of prominent political families. Royal families are not included, unless certain later descendants have played political roles in a republican structure e. In , he was appointed Alcalde de la hermandad, performing in the suburban areas of the province of Buenos Aires. He served as the second President of the Dominican Republic from September 8, until May 29, Prior to that he served as the country's Minister of War and Marine Affairs.

It has an area of It was created on October 20, by Provincial Law , taking some of the territory of former General Sarmiento Partido. Ebooks and Manuals

Los Polvorines is its capital, founded on the Ferrocarril General Manuel Belgrano railway, along with the neighboring town of Del Viso. The union of the lands around these two train stations originated the district. It is one of the oldest towns in Uruguay and capital of the Colonia Department. It has a population of around 27, Manuel Lobo with 5 ships containing about soldiers, craftsmen, carpenters and stonecutters, and 18 guns, reached San Gabriel island on 20 January On 28 January, they commenced establishing a post.

In he travelled to Jerez de la Frontera to work as a restorer and designer of stained glass.

Dominican Republic literature

In he moved to Rome, where he remained for four years, getting to know Mariano Fortuny, who greatly influenced his paintings. In he moved to Madrid, pain. Joseph Gregorio Belgrano was an Argentine military officer and politician. This is a list of notable painters from, or associated with, Spain. Rosa Tavarez is a Dominican painter and engraver. In , she finished a training workshop on Art and Anthropology, taught by Dr.

A traditional royalist who was fond of the Spanish crown and the Spanish Empire, he ruled as a governor-general, but effectively as an authoritarian dictator. Born into a noble and affluent Spanish cattle ranching family in Hincha today Hinche in Haiti , Santana was a lifelong supporter of the Dominican revolt against the Haitian hegemony and a noted general during the Dominican War of Independence — Unlike many of his political opponents who wanted to ultimately establish an independent Dominican state, Santana sought to reintegrate Hispanola into the Spanish Empire.

He oversaw the ree. In May 15th Danilo Medina leading a coalition of parties won the Dominican presidential election, defeating the leader of the opposition and PRM candidate Luis Abinader with He is the oldest of. The Head of Government serves a six-year term, running concurrently with that of the President of the Republic.

Mexico City, or CDMX, is the seat of national executive, legislative, and judicial power, and is largely contiguous with the core of the sprawling Mexico City conurbation. According to Article of the Constitution, "the Head of Government of the Federal District shall be responsible for executive power and public administration in the district and shall be represented by a single individual, elected by universal, free, direct, and secret suffrage.

Manuel de Basavilbaso Urtubia was a Spanish nobleman, who served as alcalde, procurador and regidor of Buenos Aires. The public life of Domingo Basavilbaso began in January , when he was elected alcalde in second vote by the Cabildo of Buenos Aires.

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He began his career at Sintrense before joining Benfica in In July he signed with Barcelona, winning the La Liga championship in his first two seasons. Club career Benfica Born in Lisbon, Semedo came through the youth system at Sintrense, making his debut for the first team at age This is a list of Portuguese language authors, by country and then alphabetically. It continued the goals of the Revolution of the Park of , whose themes were further echoed in the Revolution of Three years when pressure from the Organization of American States convinced the dictator that it was inappropriate to have a member of his family as president, Trujillo forced his brother to resign, Balaguer succeeded to the post.

The situation was altered, when Trujillo was assassinated in May Trujillo's son, Ramfis inherited power with Balaguer as his puppet, they took steps to liberalize the regime, granting some civil liberties and easing Trujillo's tight censorship of the press. Meanwhile, he revoked the nonaggression pact made with Cuba in January ; these measures did not go nearly far enough for a populace who had no memory of the instability and poverty that preceded Trujillo, wanted more freedom and a more equitable distribution of wealth.

Although official and unofficial repression of the opposition parties continued, Balaguer publicly condemned this repression and in September he pledged to form a coalition government. Hector and Jose Trujillo left the country in October but the opposition parties demanded Ramfis withdraw from the government as well.

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The US consul informed Balaguer that these forces stood ready to intervene at his request, would be supported by forces from Venezuela and Colombia.