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Cinema of the United States

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing SC , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. She sends Esther traveling to Hollywood with a head full of hope, only to find that it is harder than she is led to believe from the outside. The studio changes her name, her past, and even intrudes on her marriage to an actor in his downward spiral from being a star.


It also shows that no matter how hard you worked, your fate was still in the hands of the rich studio heads. Her story still holds the allure that inspires more people to continue to come to Hollywood.

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The image of the fallen star is all too familiar to us now because the system that created some of the most beloved stars, like Judy Garland, also drove them to their tragic ending. This is especially true to the Old Hollywood star system. In changing the person who came to Hollywood, that meant that the person you were did have a hand in whether you become successful, not just hard work like the American Dream states.

Montgomery Clift is the perfect example of this.

How TV Killed Hollywood’s Golden Age - HISTORY

His extremely good looks and quiet thoughtfulness in his early roles helped build the symbol of post-war society. Clift always played the rough outsider that never quite fit into the worlds he was placed in. This reoccurring character on screen started to be associated with the real Clift. He was able to finagle a contract that would allow him to have control over his roles and tried to spend as much time away from Hollywood as his career would allow, but his personal life still became a problem.

Everyone wanted to know who this mysterious young star was involved with, so the tabloids continued to pry on his personal life. The truth, however, could have ruined his career if it became public. His efforts to separate himself with any feminine qualities so that his sexuality would remain a secret led to his rough, masculine persona that he felt constrained him.

Hollywood’s Humble Origins

The Man from Planet X But wait, some space aliens are good. At one point, she even caresses the machine, which seems to become a spiritual embodiment of her father. The Federal Communications Commission put the powerful studios, which controlled not just their creative artists but the distributors and the movie theaters, in jeopardy. The Front. Since studios were so profitable in part due to their iron grip on movie distribution , they could afford to gamble on creative writing and art direction. Some helped filmmakers develop their sensibility: Billy Bitzer was a silversmith turned engineer who became mentor and right-hand man to D. The Way We Were A romantic look back at the damage done by the red scare to Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand playing a politically conflicted couple from the 's to the 's.

The pressure to uphold his image and the toll that acting in roles of the misunderstood man took on Clift forced him to turn to alcohol and pills for solace. Almost as quickly as he became a star, he dependent on a cocktail of various pills to function day to day.

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The most intricate part in his stardom was his face, and it would never look the same, no matter how hard he worked. Now dealing with constant pain and shunned by many of his Hollywood acquaintances, Clift drank even more. His drinking eventually led to his death in To audiences, the mistakes Clift made that ruined his career would never happen to them if they had a chance in Hollywood.

Until the studio system was eradicated, it was always something wrong with the person if they failed, not the process they were forced into by the studios.

No one ever heard the stories of the minorities turned away because Hollywood only offered them a few types of roles, and even then they were willing to hire white people to play them too. Film School Rejects Toggle navigation. Back when you could just move out to the coast and become a big star.

The star system was born In response to audiences wanting to know about the lives of actors in their movies, studios had actors visit theaters where their movies played.