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Please join us for food and companionship. Emmanuel Church is proud to be among other religious organizations who have stepped up to serve the homeless community after the closing of the Long Island homeless shelter in October of For the first time, Eric and I would have to explicitly address our different religious backgrounds and decide how Judaism and Christianity would factor into our life together.

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The text is from Psalm , verses 12— And listening. Listening with a ferocious desire for bigger ears so I could take in this miracle of sound that we call music. The Power of Proximity Many colleges talk about being "in the Boston area," but Emmanuel is at the city's very heart. Five Schools, One Community: The Colleges of the Fenway Through the Colleges of the Fenway COF consortium, students share the best of both worlds: continuing to study and live in a small-college setting while enjoying the resources of a larger academic environment.

Emmanuel Grads Making Boston the Premier City for Work Greater Boston is home to thriving startups, storied financial firms, major media markets, world-class medical centers, leading universities and game-changing non-profits. A Pathway to Purpose At Emmanuel, students have near-infinite opportunities to discover what ignites their sense of fascination, to lead, act and give generously and to work toward change in their own communities. With a Local Lens, Documentary Filmmaking Course Unites Theory and Practice Leveraging the people and places of Boston for inspiration, students in the English Department's "Ethics in Documentary Film" course grapple with the challenges and questions raised by creative work.

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The Emmanuel Effect Emmanuel College graduates can be found making their mark at leading companies and organizations all over the city of Boston, across the country and around the world. Exceeding Expectations Emmanuel's innovative academic programs, dedicated career development and Boston location lay the foundation for successful careers. View All Events. View All News.

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He was very supportive and was able to recognize the complex nature of my illness despite not knowing the details of it. He is a terrific doctor and I'm so lucky to have him on my team. Before I met with Dr. Duering I was naturally somewhat concerned. I had previously had two of the best doctors in the world before him, Drs. Ruoff and Liu. I believe those two men saved my life. I am happy, because Dr. Duering is impressive, in his own right. I am glad he is my Dr. It was just like i was left in a loop about whats next in my next treatment for my sleep apnea.

I have had wonderful doctors at the sleep clinic, most significantly Dr.

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Liu and Dr. Naturally, I wondered about Dr. Duering until after I met with him. He is high caliber. During was excellent. After seeing many doctors Dr. During first to offer a solution. Durring was very calm, thorough and informative. I liked him a lot. Excellent physician experience: he was exceptionally clear, cordial, thorough, efficient without appearing rushed. One of the best experiences I have ever had on an initial visit anywhere. During was terrific. I'll definitely recommend that anyone I know who is having sleep issues tries to see him.

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It has no particular meaning in Jewish messianism. More than meets the eye Admissions Visit the College and you'll find a warm, welcoming community of over people working together to make a vibrant and enjoyable place to study, develop and achieve. More Fellows' Research More Recent News A fourth, even longer, prophetic "name", is found in Isaiah with " Pele-joez-el-gibbor-abi-ad-sar-shalom ". In the case of Emmanuel its his wonderful ability to transfer his daily emotions and experiences, into the music that he creates.

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Immanuel is a Hebrew name which appears in the Book of Isaiah as a sign that God will protect Immanuel (Hebrew: עִמָּנוּאֵל meaning, "God with us"; also romanized Emmanuel, Imanu'el; also አማኑኤል ('Amanuel') in Geez and Amharic) is. Located in the heart of Boston, Emmanuel College gives ambitious students access to excellent academics, robust student life programs and outstanding career.

New to MyHealth? Manage Your Care From Anywhere. Activate Account. Create a New Account. Forgot ID or Forgot Password? Get a Second Opinion. Emmanuel During Sleep specialist , General neurologist. He directs the Stanford Parasomnia Clinic where he evaluates the broad spectrum of parasomnias, including REM sleep behavior disorder RBD, abnormal dream-enactment and other parasomnias such as sleepwalking, sleep talking, sleep terrors and confusional arousals.

Lying at the interface of psychiatry, neurology and sleep, the Parasomnia Clinic functions as a platform for high-level specialized clinical care and direct enrollment into clinical trials, particularly for patients with RBD, which in a number of cases is an early sign of neurodegeneration such as Parkinson's disease or dementia with Lewy bodies.

During is receiving federal and industry grant support for conducting research on RBD. His most recent research interest pertains to wearable sleep devices that can potentially monitor RBD activity in patients home environment and facilitate early diagnosis. Sleep Medicine Center.

General Neurology Clinic in Palo Alto. View All 26 Practice Areas. A case series of REM sleep behavior disorder in pure autonomic failure.

Clin Auton Res , 27 1. The interaction between sleep-disordered breathing and apolipoprotein E genotype on cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease in cognitively normal elderly individuals Osorio, R. The interaction between sleep-disordered breathing and apolipoprotein E genotype on cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease in cognitively normal elderly individuals.

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The Functions of Sleep During, E. The Functions of Sleep. Sleep and Neurologic Disease.

Sleep and Movement Disorders Ashbrook, L. Sleep and Movement Disorders. Hypersomnia: Etiologies During, E. Hypersomnia: Etiologies. Encyclopedia of Sleep. Central Disorders of Hypersomnolence During, E. Central Disorders of Hypersomnolence. Review of Sleep Medicine. Parasomnias During, E. Huffington Post. View All 20 Publications. Clinical Trials. Open Trials. North American Prodromal Synucleinopathy Consortium.