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A brief selection of war poems from Americans has been added, but more as a useful side-glance than anything in the least definitive. Judgement, of course, comes into this -- as it must with a writer as good but as uneven as Lewis -- but I will try not to let it obtrude.

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My main editorial aim has been to chronicle the life and recommend the work of a writer who seems to me to have been shamefully neglected in the twenty-odd years since his death. But it surely does not matter, except in the most narrow documentary terms, that we do not know such details.

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What we are aware of is that, whatever happened, Lewis was prepared for it, and that from his tremendous effort of self-exploration we have the poems and stories from which this volume is selected. They tell us what Lewis wanted us to know'. From the Editor's Note:. Apart from one or two very minor emendations, the essays appear here as originally published. The chief debt, though, is to its contributors who, unpaid and uncomplaining, have turned in work which, in my view, ranks with the best poetry criticism of the last decade'.

Pamphlet: London: Poetry Book Society, Donald Davie: 'Winter Landscape'. John Fuller: 'Cradle Lecture'. David Harsent: 'Storm', 'Home Movies'.

Jon Stallworthy: 'Daybreak with Horses'. Anthony Thwaite: 'Augustine at Carthage'. Modern poetry, for many people, means a specialised activity demanding from its adherents some detailed and up-to-date ideas about the poetic movements, theories, manifestoes and controversies of the recent past. Otherwise, perhaps, it means the rather mindelss charm of "pop" poetry.

Poems of Rudyard Kipling with a Biographical Introduction by Nathan Haskell Dole by Rudyard Kipling

And yet there must surely be people all over Britain, America and wherever else English poetry is still written or read who would welcome a collection of modern poems which do not insult their intelligence or their common sense and which do not on the other hand require them to swallow any particular theoretical pill along with what they read. It is to them, anyhow, that we dedicate this book. Book: London: Secker and Warburg, Yorkshire was a mere hike from my front door; to get to Newcastle, or Durham, you had to take a train.

Of the three big North-East soccer teams, my loyalty was to Middlesbrough rather than to the men of Tyne and Wear. Indeed, even today, my small stock of rural imagery is largely Yorkshire-based'.

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A magazine's flavour, after all, is often more to do with its ephemera than with its more weighty, lasting contributions'. Contributions by:. I want it to be seen as serious and useful, but I will not at all mind if it is read for fun, as a kind of documentary-entertainment. For those who like making lists, as I do, I here offer a few leads all figures are approximate, and susceptible to computerized riposte.

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The Companion covers about 1, poets, subjects. Of the poets, are British, American. There are about women and black writers. Nineteen served time in jail, fourteen died in battle, three were murdered, one executed. Zany professions include lumberjack, tax inspector, furniture remover, carpet salesman, and policeman, but of course the vast majority of poets earn their living in universities.

The most popular off-campus day-job is that of doctor or psychiatrist. Only one poet has played hockey for his country.


Eliot is named less often than Lowell and Stevens. Rilke is the most influential foreign poet. More poets died in their seventies than at any other time of life. His determination to build his own stadium, control it and the team that played in it, certainly was bucking the trend. In the s, stadiums such as County Stadium in Milwaukee , Memorial Stadium in Baltimore and Municipal Stadium in Kansas City were being built with funding from cities and municipalities, not by ownership. Buckminster Fuller to design a geodesic domed stadium with a retractable roof in the early s.

Why should you leave your nice, comfortable, air-conditioned home to go out and sweat in a drafty, dirty, dingy baseball park? It would have alleviated the parking issue and provided space for a first-class stadium in Brooklyn. Transportation-wise, this would have been an ideal location as all of the subway lines and the LIRR converged there. Site studies showed that both the old LIRR terminal and the meat market could have been relocated, even with significant benefits to local residents, including lowering meat prices.

New York Genealogical and Biographical Society

He did not balk at the difficult task of the Dodgers assembling and purchasing their own land in that area and having the city assist with roads and infrastructure. After much deliberation, Moses offered land in Flushing Meadows in the Borough of Queens late in the game in Knopf Publisher, Newly-built ballparks with greater seating capacity and more space for parking would attract additional fans. The Braves, drawing twice as many fans as the Dodgers in their new ballpark see chart , were making a greater profit than the Dodgers, who had been linked to Brooklyn since joining the National League in Despite attendance of one million a season and loyal fan support, the Dodgers played in a ballpark that was limited to 32, capacity.

Better tools lead to better products. San Francisco and Los Angeles were interested in bringing the first major league baseball teams west of St. The burgeoning commercial airline industry with its affordable jet fares and additional flights allowed teams to make coast-to-coast road trips, which previously had not been available due to the prohibitive expenses and time associated with long distance travel.

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Related video shorts 0 Upload your video. Area square miles square km. A magazine's flavour, after all, is often more to do with its ephemera than with its more weighty, lasting contributions'. However, New York remains for its residents a conglomeration of local neighbourhoods that provide them with familiar cuisines, languages, and experiences. Add to Favorites.

Trains and buses were the modes of transportation for baseball teams in this period. But, the Dodgers owned their own airplane. This provided the players and staff with comfort and flexibility in traveling.

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