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Richard Branson: ‘Animals Will No Longer Need to Be Killed En Masse for Food’
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David Yurman is not the only one to make the change. Both J.

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Crew and Birchbox have eliminated the CMO position. Today, 70 per cent of Fortune companies have such a role, down from 74 per cent a decade ago.

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This shift is acutely felt in fashion, where traditional marketing jobs have focused on creative content like photo shoots, lookbooks and print advertisements, says Drew Halpern, vice president and chief operating officer at recruiting company SBH Fashion. Now, marketers must deal with digital advertising, customer acquisition costs and attention marketing, which requires skills in search engine optimisation, display, retargeting, email marketing and more.

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The dominance of social media platforms has led marketers to emphasise acquisition, performance and growth metrics over less measurable outcomes. Marketing teams have changed to reflect these new needs. There are sometimes 10 people in a traditional marketing manager role. Invisible Gorillas and the Practice of Prayer Index.

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Andrew Root has, and he has done so successfully and spectacularly. We need to take up the challenge with Root, listen to him, and extend his insights into our local churches. Highly readable, it seeks to reclaim a pastoral identity that is rooted in the divine action of a ministering God.

Building on the work of Charles Taylor, Root first lays out the historical evolution of the current hollowing out of pastoral identity through an excellent exploration of six pastors from Augustine to Rick Warren. Then, turning to Foucault, Jenson, and Old Testament texts, Root boldly asserts the identity of God as one who ministers to his people.

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Root encourages pastors to reclaim an identity based on their participation in God's acts of ministry. It is in these very acts of ministry that a window is opened to the transcendent and ministering God in a secular age. Annette Brownlee , chaplain and professor of pastoral theology, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto.