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In the s the school was internationally recognised and until teachers from other countries, such as England and the USA, taught there.

From until the educator Martin Wagenschein worked at the school. In the Reicharbeitsdienst Reich Labour Service requested the takeover of the Odenwaldschule because it contradicted the "concept of the national socialistic schooling community. After the Second World War , the school's teaching system was reformed many times. The Odenwaldschule was an integrated comprehensive school.


It was possible to pass through a joiner or a metalwork vocational course with a state qualification alongside the technical diploma or the full A Level equivalent. It was also possible to do an information technician assistant course or a chemistry technician assistant course alongside the German equivalent to an A Level. There was school places. At the end of there was roughly students at the Odenwaldschule. The average class size was 17 students. Roughly half of the employees were teachers at the school.

German colleagues warn for misuse of victims of sexual violence in the battle for public opinion

There was additional fees for vocational courses. External students paid a lower amount. In reports from former students were made public, according to which the then at the time headmaster Gerold Becker had sexually abused multiple students from the s to the s.

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The school explained in , the former headmaster had never contradicted "the victim's statements when he had to meet with the board of directors and vacated his functions and duties of the Odenwaldschule's sponsoring organisation". In the victims of sexual abuse met with the former headteacher Harder and the former SPD -MP Peter Conradi as the vice-president of the sponsoring organisation and agreed on reviewing the abuse cases, but this did not take place.

In the late s, and again in , the school became the center of national attention, when an investigation revealed the sexual abuse of more than pupils by at least 8 teachers in the s and s. One year late the penal case review was dismissed by the Darmstadt prosecution service due to statutory limitation. In Margarita Kaufmann, who since served as headmistress, called for a new enquiry into the sex abuse cases.

Kaufmann spoke of 33 victims that she knew of and eight teachers, who supposedly are guilty of sexual assault between and In the meantime it was assumed that more than ten teachers were perpetrators.

DOKU Die Katholische Kirche und der Sexuelle Missbrauch Dokumentation 2019 HD

The music teacher Wolfgang Held, who died in , was the main perpetrator alongside Becker. In total, the Darmstadt prosecution service once more dismissed six of the 13 preliminary proceedings until 2 May At the end of May the prosecution service investigated against six former teachers and one student.

Ermordete Studentin in Freiburg: Täter erst 17

Sexueller Missbrauch. Die Täter (German Edition) - Kindle edition by Mirka Fuchs​. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Buy Sexueller Missbrauch. Kinder als Täter (German Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews -

In a letter sent by Gerold Becker to the Odenwaldschule in March , he asked his victims for forgiveness and wrote he renewed his expressed desire to come forward to speak to the victims, which he wanted to do since the first reports came out in Becker died on 7 July without having been made penally responsible. The board of directors at the Odenwaldschule at first rejected a compensation in a letter to the victims in July In addition there are more unresolved cases, which are still to be reviewed.

According to the final report from 17 December at least students were victims of attack by teachers between and The lawyers said the documentation was incomplete. Official school letters, found in archive and reviewed in a dissertation, point a fact that there already was sex abuse cases on girls and boys under the management of Paul and Edith Geheeb.

Issues, Incidence, and Treatment of Sexual Offenders in Germany - FRIEDEMANN PFÄFFLIN,

However no one contacted the police. How the reform school abused its ideals , was published.

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Medizinisch wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft, Berlin Google Scholar. Patrick Touher. His wife has no doubts about his emotional state and asks: "What's wrong? What Happens Next? Conflict of interest: The author wishes to be known that he is earning money by selling the BPS and by training treatment providers. Also from the victims themselves.

He speaks of paedophiles and "robbers of childhood", which had systematically taken over the part of the school.