The Day the World Went Away (Lesbian Erotica)

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These were accompanies by a second note which instructed her to go to a small bag placed under my nightstand. There was also a note in this bag and the instructions were to take all the items out and place them in a display on the bed. I almost talked myself out of it a couple times, but I kept reminding myself that I am the man. The next few hours when she came home were tough, we have a 1 year old son who requires all of our attention.


I had to make sure to keep her arousal at an elevated place while we worked to take care of our son. It was really hard to do and at one point I seemed to lose her completely after we put the kid to bed, but I was able to get her back to that place through a gentle escalation increasing intensity kisses and gradually provocative innuendos.

Jump to the moment where it was about to start, I had her in the kitchen as she was doing the dishes.. I came up behind her and pulled her up against me, kissing and brushing my hands teasingly all over. As soon as I heard the heavy breathing and felt her body going slightly limp against mine, I began kissing her neck and teasing around her breast and groin til I heard soft moans.

It was time!

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Obedient and sexy as ever, she gave me a shy smile and with a quick twirl, she was off. We had never done anything like this and I had no idea how she was going to respond, but I was committed. I let her sit there a few more minutes wondering what I was up to, then I gathered my courage, and went upstairs.

I got immediately into character and walked past her without saying anything and removed a few items from my pockets. I then pointed at the toys on the bed and told her I found them in her sock drawer and wondered what she was doing with such dirty things in this house the fact I was role-playing was obvious by this point since we had used the toys together in the past. She was very timid about getting into character and I know she was out of her comfort zone but she was enjoying it and trying her best.

I then stood her up and made her spin around, asking why she was dressed so inappropriately and accused her of dressing slutty to get the attention of the other guys at work. The whole time, she was playing along and slowly embracing her role, even changing her voice slightly.. As I alternated between firm slaps and rubbing her ass, I was getting crazy hard as she yelped then moaned with each slap, wriggling around on my lap and shifting her legs with a purr.

I next told her that I was going to remind her of what a real cock was like as I threw the small vibrator to the side. I put her on my knees and told her to pull it out of my pants, and while holding her by the back of her hair, directed her to take me into her mouth. She was loving this!

I was directing her with every move as she happily followed my instructions. It was amazing! After a few minutes, I told her to stand up, turned her back to the bed, and the pushed her down on it. I loved being in total control like this.

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When I wanted her shirt up.. I told her to remove it. I aggressively lifted her bra to help myself to her tits and body in general. Anything I wanted her to do, I commanded it, and she happily obliged without hesitation. I then grabbed the ribbons and proceeded to tie her arms above her head to the sides of the bed, constantly reminding her of what a bad girl she was, and that I was going to make her cum however much I wanted as punishment. After she was tied up, bra pushed up and skirt hiked to mid waist, I began teasing in between her legs, constantly acting like my tongue was about to enter her, then pulling away.

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She was squirming a whimpering so much that it was driving me wild. Finally after one final tease, I let my tongue go in and then licked up the entire length of her pussy. She lost it within seconds and was bucking her hips and crying out in an intense orgasm. At this point, there is a loss in my memory of some of the details up until I went in to give her a G-spot orgasm we had done this in the past, but this was the first time I actually did it right. Once I found the right pressure and firmness, she was screaming in ecstasy, trying to hold it in till I commanded her to let it go and commanding her to cum hard for me.

When the sound finally escaped it was more like a roar of insane pleasure and she started convulsing all over.. I thought she was going to pass out. Again, the specifics escape me after this point… but I held to my promise.. I had her cum over and over again.

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Sometimes breaking to ravish her body or to give her my cock and tell her to suck it. Bucking her hips towards my cock and begging me to enter her. Finally after one quick pull out, thinking I was going to tease again, I pushed into her hard as she cried out. This is where the practice of self-control and kegel exercises started to come into play.

At one point, I told her I was going to make her cum on my dick, threw her legs over my shoulders, and drove deep into her. The orgasm that followed was as intense as the G-spot orgasm with the added emotion you can only get from fucking… it was beautiful. The only hard part was trying to stay inside her as her body was thrashing about.

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Shy girls are forever hopeful, skirting anger and a vague sense of dread. The first exception to this formula, and technically not a pulp fiction, is the romance novel The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith , published in hardcover by Coward-McCann under the pseudonym of "Claire Morgan". June Lea Daley, blogging at R. I wanted to ask her for more wisdom but then something feverish hurtled at me—my girlfriend, hugging me like we hadn't seen each other in days. She leaned over me and paused. After she gets a taste of his swinging lifestyle, she realizes that there might just be room for her in his church after all.

Finally when it was my time to cum, I told her I was going to cum all over her. She cried yes as I pulled out and covered her body… It was incredible and the first time I ever came on her like that. Afterwards, I fell next to her making sure to give her one more orgasm so as not to leave her hanging, and then just lay there next to her as she was panting, speechless and staring at the ceiling.

After she was able to talk again, all she could say over and over was how amazing it was and how much she loved it. We made out a good 20 minutes more before finally breaking away to the shower to clean up. Whenever we are with each other, we make out and touch each other like a teenage couple early in their first relationship.

She is constantly doing things to turn me on like wiggling her ass in front of me or showing off her skimpy outfits. The love we feel for each other has also unleashed. I always loved her, but the intensity has just amplified tenfold. It was like we were two souls meant for each other, inches away and knowing they were destined to touch, but not quite able to meet until that night.

The best example of this was the day after.

After hours of not being able to keep our hands off each other, we finally put the kid down for a nap and made love. Also, the dynamic we established in bed that night has moved out of the bedroom, though in a much more mild form. Emotionally and sometimes physically Like now she loves for me to just pick her up, put her on my lap and rest her head on my shoulder while we are watching TV or whatever.

For the first time in my life, I feel like I am finally fulfilling my role as the man and I can tell she finally feels like she can let go and be all woman. If anyone has insight as to why this happened after that night, please let me know. Thanks for listening! TL;DR: Decided to take the lead and introduce my wife to the world of bondage, domination, and fantasies role-playing.

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