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Consequently, despite the fact that historically financial planning practitioners around the world have traveled to the developed financial planning conferences in the US to learn best practices, now some of the most interesting conferences to emerge for advanced practitioners are now coming forth in other countries, that may be appealing to US-based advisors to travel abroad!

The 2-day Finology Summit event in Australia is one of a series of conferences offered by Portfolio Construction Forum, the leading provider of continuing and advanced education for investment advisors and portfolio managers in Australia and New Zealand. Founded by Graham Rich — a former financial planner in the s who went on to found a mutual fund research firm in the s that was sold to Morningstar, and then established his Brillient publishing firm and conference offering in — Portfolio Construction Forum focuses its investment content around the five pillars of Philosophy, Markets, Strategies, Investing, and Finology… where the latter is meant to focus on how investment advisors can better relate to investors i.

Which is only becoming more relevant than ever as financial advisors try to figure out how to better demonstrate and justify their own role and value proposition in a world where investment portfolios themselves are increasingly implemented through technology.

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Conference Website: Australian Finology Summit From a practical perspective, the significance of this financial planning approach is that it is very much not focused around insurance and investment products, and instead is a fee-for-service model of delivering financial planning for advice fees, with a heavy focus on doing cash flow planning with clients to help them truly align their personal values and priorities with where their dollars are actually going. Who Should Attend: Financial advisors who are struggling to make the transition from products to advice fees and need to be inspired about a different way to create value for clients or fee-only advisors who are looking for new ideas about how to create and demonstrate a better value-proposition for clients to support their advice fees.

Conference Website: Back2Y Conference Historically, there have been relatively few practice management conferences for financial advisors. And even with the rise of the independent RIA model, the national conferences of the major custodians like Schwab and TD Ameritrade are still some of the largest financial advisor events of the year.

But the shift to various fee-for-service models, and especially the rise of the AUM model, has created the potential for — even if sometimes only accidentally — very sizable advisory firms, with multiple advisors working together in an advisor, with 3, 5, 10, or even dozens of staff members… and for whom there is a need for a whole other realm of practice management advice about how to start, run, grow, and scale an advisory firm.

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Accordingly, in recent years, a growing number of practice management conferences have begun to appear. The key, however, is to find the right conference that addresses the relevant issues and problems of that particular financial advisor.

At best, there are substantial complexities in who to hire, and when, and how to train and develop them, while sustaining the overall growth and profitability of the firm. At worst, the shift from a practice to a business is a gut-wrenching personal transition for the founding advisor themselves , who must completely reinvent their own role in the business, and learn an entirely new set of skills, in making the shift from being an advisor who sees clients, to an advisory firm business owner who has to manage and lead a growing business and may not see clients at all anymore!

Notably, because Excell is still part of the Carson Group Coaching platform, expect that the conference itself will likely still be at least a soft pitch for their Executive Coaching service as well the original Peak Advisor program and the Carson Institutional TAMP platform. Conference Website: Carson Group Excell Bob Veres is the publisher of Inside Information , the longest-standing and highly recommended!

Best Overall Financial Planning Conference: FPA NorCal 12222

Provide timely coaching on performance, including daily and weekly interaction and coaching or team and monthly one on ones to review scorecard outcomes. As I said, SWR and Network Rail are working as fast as possible to resolve the issue, but in the meantime, SWR has had to make some changes to its timetable and train plan to minimise the impact on passengers. Recommend approval or disapproval of support staff merit salary adjustments in order to acknowledge their performance capabilities and recognize the accuracy and timeliness of their work utilizing direct observation, written documentation and communication skills as directed by departmental policy and procedures on an as needed basis. They most certainly are not getting a reasonable service. Three or four other women offered more details. I am sure that he will have taken note of all the comments that have been made today.

The latter includes sessions on cybersecurity, implementing technology tools for operational efficiencies, and tracking business metrics, while the former covers topics like succession planning, establishing employee compensation plans, and alternative fee models. Not stackable with Inside Information subscriber discount. As a result, most firms trying to adapt their business and service models to reach next generation clients have struggled to do so. By contrast, the XY Planning Network is a turnkey financial planning platform created specifically to support financial advisors who want to deliver financial planning to Gen X and Gen Y clients, built around a unique monthly subscription fee i.

And to support its mission, the XY Planning Network conference brings together financial advisors who are currently executing the model successfully along with those who want to learn to share ideas and best practices with each other. Accordingly, the XYPN LIVE conference is especially well suited to financial advisors who are trying to expand their services or go independent and launch a new firm from scratch to serve Gen X and Millennial clients.

Also notable at the XYPN LIVE conference is its will be 4 th annual FinTech Competition , a platform for emerging financial advisor technology solutions focused specifically on helping advisors to serve younger clientele more efficiently as technology efficiencies are crucial to being profitable when serving a younger clientele with a lower average revenue per client.

The XYPN LIVE conference is also unique for its exhibit hall, which features a wide host of financial advisor technology solutions and practice management consultants i.

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Most financial advisors operate practices, either as solo advisors or with a team of support staff to help leverage their personal time and efficiency. Though the point is not just to have a conference that mixes in some fun activities alongside the presentation sessions, but specifically a structure that allows time for colleagues to have casual conversations to discuss the weighty practice management topics of the day. A notable side effect of this shift of financial planners from generalists to niche specialists is a rising need for more specialized conferences where advisors seeking to deepen that particular expertise can go to sharpen their ever-more-unique skillset, and find community with the small subset of other advisors pursuing a similar differentiator recognizing that when most advisors cannot individually serve more than about active clients , there is room for hundreds or even thousands of advisors to serve the same specialty successfully at the same time.

To the extent that the financial advisor is increasingly shifting towards assets under management, and the bulk of liquid investment assets are held by Baby Boomers nearing or in retirement, it is perhaps no great surprise that one of the most common niche specializations is to focus on retirees. Differentiating means really learning specialized knowledge about the issues that matter most for retirees.

Accordingly, there have not only been a growing number of retirement-centric designations in recent years, from the RICP to the CRC and the RMA , but also a number of specialized retirement planning conferences have been cropping up as well. Who Should Attend: Advisors who specialize in retirement planning, or would like to move in that direction in the coming years and want advanced educational content on retirement planning issues.

Best Advanced Educational Conference: AICPA ENGAGE 2018 (Formerly AICPA PFP)

And the leading organization providing training to advisors about how to fulfill their fiduciary duties to plan sponsors or help train plan sponsors how to better do it themselves is Fi , which started in as the Center for Fiduciary Studies, and provides both education around the fiduciary standard of care and how to implement it, offers a fiduciary toolkit for financial advisors, and teaches the Accredited Investment Fiduciary AIF designation as well.

Accordingly, the annual Fi conference has long been the leading event that gathers together practitioners focused on best practices in actually executing the fiduciary duty. And while historically that education and implementation has been focused around qualified plans, arguably the content is relevant to an ever-wider range of advisors as more and more regulatory action suggests that the future for all financial advisors may inevitably be fiduciary.

Consumer surveys about investing trends are increasingly showing a desire of investors to align their portfolios with their personal values, especially amongst women and Millennials who themselves are both a growing focus of financial advisors.

The content at SRI30 is a blend of discussion on the trends in sustainable investing itself — from new ways to evaluate companies on their environmental, social, and governance ESG factors, to new impact investing approaches, and more — and also an opportunity to meet the asset managers that provide SRI investing solutions. As a result, SRI30 is both helpful for those who want to learn more about SRI investing, those trying to stay on the cutting edge of SRI trends, and financial advisors who perhaps want to add SRI investing solutions for their clients but are trying to figure out what investment solutions, exactly, are appropriate to use, and how to go about actually doing it.

Accordingly, there is a rising hunger amongst advisors for really understanding both the mechanics of ETFs and following the latest trends in ETF product development that provides a glimpse into the latest tools that may be coming to market for client portfolios. Much higher prices apply to non-advisor attendees. Trapeze delivers planning and simulation modules that can be customised to suit individual needs and integrated to form a larger overall system. Our modelling and simulation tools form the basis of long term and short term operational planning.

The flexibility of the Trapeze Rail System means that customers can be confident that the system will meet their respective requirements. As an integral part of the modelling of train movements in RailPlan, the PowerPlan module simulates the demands that will be made on the power supply network.

It allows the assessment of substation locations, robustness of supply, and susceptibility of the network to degraded performance. Thanks to its highly developed conflict detection and solution routines, TrainPlan is setting industry standards. TrainPlan offers a fully scalable timetabling tool that meets the requirements of a wide range of users: from a single planner in an engineering consultancy, through to national rail organisations with multiple locations networked to a single national database.

The displays include familiar tabular and graphical images like time-distance line diagrams, platform occupation diagrams, corridor graphs and timetable books.

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The use of TTRA at the planning stage helps identify which of the timetables are most robust, and substantially reduces the risk of train delays in operation. Planning the effective use of resources is a crucial part for all train operations. Not only does the process ensure resources are planned to achieve delivery of the advertised timetable, it also sets the fundamental cost base for the business as a whole. The significance of efficient resource planning should not therefore be under-estimated. For a train operating company, existing operating options are limited by two factors: mobile resources rolling stock, staff , and track capacity.

Solutions for train operating companies that cover the integrated planning of trains and resources are therefore valuable. Optimisation procedures further speed up resource planning and enable disruptions or problems to be managed effectively, whilst taking into account operational conditions.

Thank you for your request. Please click here to download the PDF. Software for optimised planning of timetables, blocks, duties and rosters Simulation and modelling Timetable planning and timetable performance Optimised crew and vehicle planning Network planning Timetable planning Production calculation Request a Demo. Home Brochures. Enabling future railway plans — Cost reductions through realistic planning and simulation The worldwide growth in demand for travel and increasing competition between all modes of transport places ever greater demands on railways.