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He's a hyphenated American, born here to immigrant parents and married to an Iranian expatriate, with a daughter adopted from Korea. There's only one way to describe this constellation of identities: a modern American family.

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The most typical Tyler character in this novel — in some sense, the only one — is Sami's mother, who though outwardly assimilated inwardly clings to the past. As a young woman, she left Iran for America to become the wife of an educated, progressive Iranian expatriate; it was an arranged marriage but also a love match.

After Bitsy's mother dies, Maryam enters into a guarded friendship with the widower. Dave Donaldson still keenly mourns his wife. Over time, Dave falls in love with Maryam, but she pretends not to see that their friendship is a courtship. In a rare moment of outspokenness, she hints at one reason she has difficulty accepting him. View all New York Times newsletters. Anne Tyler's Baltimore has changed significantly since her first book appeared more than 40 years ago.

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Until now, though, her voice has remained remarkably consistent. Her prose is at once unpretentious and elegiac, like a photograph by Dorothea Lange, and her imagery has staying power. Taken together, the distinct but overlapping worlds of her novels have formed a Sensurround literary record of the 20th-century American family — or, at least, of the proud but troubled archetypal families that once interested her most.

A writer like Tyler can hardly have been immune to family influence herself. But her inner circle has narrowed. Her husband, the Iranian-born psychiatrist Taghi Modarressi, died nearly 10 years ago, and in January her mother, Phyllis Tyler, an ardent social activist, died at the age of In the 's, she picketed in support of coal miners; in the 's, she married and moved with her husband to a commune, where they raised goats and organic vegetables; in the 's, she protested against the Vietnam War; in the 's, she and her husband took up residence in the Middle East, helping refugees in Gaza; in the 's, she fought the death penalty, advocated for battered women and wrote newspaper articles about everyday heroes, like a singing trash man.

How could a writer's character not be imprinted by such a presence? In its absence, who do you turn to? One senses that, like Dave Donaldson, the bereaved grandfather of "Digging to America," Tyler has begun to shift her focus as she wrestles with the question of how an individual moves forward. With the map she's sketching, she's no longer in search of buried treasure; she's in search of the road ahead.

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You must select a newsletter to subscribe to. Sign Up. Location: Virginia, United States. Helps me to be secure in my love of country and of religious freedom which the Mayflower Pact was all about. Freedom to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, freedom to be educated, freedom to vote for country leaders and laws, and freedom to earn my own way. It also gives me strength to overcome as I realize what the Mayflower passengers endured.

Barbara Cullicott. Ancestor: William Bradford, William Brewster. I treasure my heritage, as I am the last of my direct line of Rust's who arrive here in America in I hope to write a history of our family in my retirement. Sharon Mitchell. I lived on Cape Cod as a child and observed the Mayflower 2 come over the horizon. My parents died when I was quite young, so I have felt disconnected from my heritage.

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I was beyond excited to find direct connections to the Mayflower as I was convalescing from a broken ankle Rebecca Willing. To show the grandkids where our family first started here in the States and pass on our family tree with all family members. Arleen Craig Ellis. Being part of the Mayflower Story makes our family part of history. Which makes us very thankful for what our ancestors did for us, including their sacrifices to make a foundation for the United States.

Location: Hawaii, United States.

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It is my goal to verify my family's role in creating this country. Margaret Bartlett. I am proud to know that our family helped establish America. I'd like to learn more of the journey to the US and more about the history of coming to America. Ancestor: Edward Fuller. This is a link to my family history and the pull and link that I feel is in my bones to my love for this land, the USA. Ancestor: John Alden, James Chilton. I love that I am connected to those who first settled this nation which became the greatest country in the world, due in great part to those fearless pioneers.

More Volume: Tyler Jack

Raymond Malenfant. Her father is an evil shit. It was an illustrated book about two siblings who lived in a neighborhood. I think she accidentally died. Moore and Tinker hesitated. All alone.

Location: Arizona, United States. The best thing about genealogy is feeling connected to world history.

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Every family is interesting and everyone's ancestors are connected to world history, but I feel very fortunate to belong to groups with great records so I can know where my people fit in. In the process of joining the Mayflower Society right now! Everett J Hendrickson.

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Ancestor: Stephen Hopkins, Thomas Rogers. A great deal, as my wife is also descended from Mayflower passenger Richard Warren; Hopkins and Warren were both on the shallop that explored the cape and found what became Plymouth! Janine Corcoran. Proud to be part of an American tradition and a family who faces resilience, the unknown, adventure, and the will for a better life. Mary Jane Williams.

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Ancestor: Isaac Allerton. It's been a wonderful experience researching this family and applying to the Mayflower Society. I'm fascinated with my Mayflower ancestry.

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I have several lines going back through my maternal grandfather mothers and his fathers sides of family. My mother's middle name is Alden and my middle name is May after the Mayflower. I will be travelling soon to visit my ancestors graves in Duxbury and see museums. Honored and privileged. History has always been my life Herstory is coming alive in William L. Location: Kansas, United States. It brings pride to me and my children knowing that our ancestor, George Sowle-Soule helped to establish a settlement in the wild country that was soon to be the United States Of America.

These English Settlers endured many hardships in their quest of happiness. Our lineage went from Sowle To Fox. The first 7 being named Sowle the last 5 being Fox.